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Where Line meets Color

I love what I can do with a line on a page....with a scribble, a dot or a doodle...the flow of the ink, the gestural movement, the statement of "here I am". Enter, wild exuberant and joyful color and you have a mix made in heaven. For me both line and color are crucial for me to capture what I cannot say or express any other way. The control of the line and the chaotic color are the basis of all of my work, and through this I try to achieve a sense of joy that is bold and beautiful and can touch your soul. The bold black lines, squiggles or doodles come from a feeling I have deep within that screams control, perfection and order. The beautiful vibrant colors come from a light heartfelt and spiritual place that whispers wild crazy and chaotic. The interplay between control and chaos is where the magic happens, both here on the canvas and in life.